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More and more young students from Southern California, are deciding to study at CETYS University

More and more young students from Southern California, are deciding to study at CETYS Universidad their alma mater and the perfect place to continue their professional studies and/or begin a postgraduate program. This is due to its proximity with USA, quality education, and financial support which is offered by our institution.

Such is the story of Alexia Tovar, International Business student, resident from Calexico, CA who chose CETYS Universidad, and was offered an opportunity to study a complete academic program that fit her college life expectations.

“I did not feel ready to leave to another city away from my home, however the options that were offered in Calexico, were not what I had been looking for either. For me finding CETYS and being part of the CETYS family has turned out into a great decision, due to the fact that life in the border with México opens up a whole different and new perspective, beyond what you know” explained Alexia.

Likewise, Jorge Verdugo who lives in Brawley, CA and studies 8th semester of International Business, is another example of students who prefer to study in CETYS Universidad. “The experience that CETYS has given me, does not compare to everything I learned during my 12 years studying in USA. CETYS is worth it, you become more responsible & critical. Plus, we find a balance in the knowledge that CETYS offers. In addition, student life is my favorite, due to all extracurricular activities that you can practice, such as sports” said Verdugo.

Challenges to conquer:

On the other hand, after a decade of being under a model of study, very different from the Mexican one, equivalent to primary, junior high and high school, the challenges that USA students are faced with are very common in comparison to the ones International students would have to overcome; language, distance, waiting in line to cross the border and lifestyle as well.

“I am from a Latin family.  In my home, we always speak Spanish and therefore I learned the language orally, but my grammar in English became a challenge due to the fact that I couldn’t help thinking in English at the time I had to write in Spanish” said Alexia Tovar.

However, the faculty in CETYS Universidad supported me and thanks to them and their dedication I was able to slowly overcome this obstacle. “now I am able to say that my grammar is almost perfect and that I am completely bilingual. This definitely opens doors in the workforce” assured Tovar.

In search of a promising future:

Alexia and Jorge are just an example of 2 young adults who daily cross the border which divides Cali-Baja, in search of taking advantage of what both states offer, seeing CETYS as an ideal alternative to develop professionally as visionary and upright leaders, under a highly qualified faculty and a great student environment.

Those who are interested in learning more about majors offered at CETYS Universidad, please check out our website www.cetys.mx and learn more about our registration process and financial support, or feel free to call us at 5673700

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