Founded in 1954, Sun Community Federal Credit Union has remained as the favorite among the community, since in addition to offering multiple services, loans and savings options to its clients, it is also focused on being the most respected and largest financial institution, trusted among residents of the Imperial Valley, through the service they offer, which changes lives by being friendly, kind and extraordinary.

In order to achieve this, Sun Community is made up of people who offer excellent service and not only meet a work schedule, but go beyond, providing the best service to the community as is the case of our protagonist in this edition, María Lucas, who through her work of excellence has managed to position herself as a role model and inspiration for her clients and those who know her, and who not only provides the best service at Sun Community but also cares about giving back to the community that has seen her grow.

María Lucas was born in Calexico, California, but she was one of the many border landers who lived for a period of time in Mexicali before returning to the Imperial Valley and completing her education in Administration of Justice. She had the opportunity to enter the banking field, starting with a part-time teller position at Sun Community, 17 years ago, and then rising to become the branch manager.

As a representative of Sun Community Federal Credit Union, María Lucas not only plays the role of manager, but has also become a community role model to follow, since she has supported the community in different ways, one of them is her role within the community as a member of the Calexico Rotary Club, where she participates to support the projects that are developed to help the community.

Maria is proud to represent the Federal Credit Union and to have become a branch manager 7 years ago, since Sun Community is not just a Federal Credit Union with multiple banking services that cover any banking needs or loans for the community, such as mortgage loans and financing for business or for emergencies, but also has taken the task of giving back to the community, supporting multiple causes, non-profit associations and non-profit community projects.

Sun Community is also involved in the education and development of youth in the community, since one of its programs is a scholarships program awarded to high school students, to support them in order to complete their education and thus we can all live in a better community.

Another role of Sun Community within the community is its financial education workshops in which Maria and all the managers and employees of the Federal Credit Union participate, such as health fairs and different events around the Imperial County, where they provide the community with vital information so that the public can make the best financial decisions from childhood to an older age.

Next time you want to open a bank account, think on Sun Community, where you will not only receive the best and excellent service, but you will also feel part of all these causes that Sun Community supports.

Visit them on their web page: www.suncommunityfcu.org

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