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Linkage with the industry to support youth projects: Intuitive Surgical and SentinelFox

The talent of high school students and their development is one of the pillars that moves educational institutions, as well as knowing the maximum potential that students can reach, in order to generate a great impact in their region.

SentinelFox Engineering, made up of students from CETYS High School Program, has begun to develop its talent through technology, thanks to the construction of various robots for competitions, as well as the support and advice of CETYS teachers. Soon, they will measure their skills with their peers from all over Mexico in the First Robotics Competition in 2019, which will be held in Monterrey, Mexico.

It is with the support and donation of companies such as Intuitive Surgical, specialized in the creation of robotic products for the strategic fields of specialized medicine, that these activities can continue to be developed and also, by example, invite more high school students interested in technology and its applications.

“We appreciate all the support that the CETYS community gives us, both the companies and the institution, because it is a very hard work that we do. The fact that our community supports us, motivates us and drives us to continue doing a great job. We want to continue doing our community work to inspire science and technology in the region”, commented Grecia Siono, a sixth-semester student at CETYS High School and a member of SentinelFox.

On the other hand, Professor Luis Alfonso Prado López, Human Resources Manager of Intuitive Surgical in Mexicali, called on students to continue being part of these projects.

“This is the third year that we are collaborating with CETYS to support students on their participation in these contests. Our main area is robotics in medicine, and we have a commitment to develop it and have students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be incorporated in our industries”.

Finally, he recalled the importance of linking educational institutions with industry, in the constant search for young talent that affects the current growth of companies.

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