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Ellie Burgueño spoke about “A Second Chance in Business” at the Cu4tro Fronteras Congress

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

During the Cu4tro Fronteras Business Congress, held at the Ozara Conference Room, where companies from California, Arizona, Sonora, and Baja California gathered together, the Director of Beyond Borders Gazette, Ellie Burgueño, presented her keynote talk “The Second Chance in Business”, in relation to her recent literary work “Second Chance” (Segunda Oportunidad), a book with an inspirational genre on the situations and circumstances that life presents.

Furthermore, the creator of Beyond Borders, adorned Wednesday afternoon to talk to different entrepreneurs who were expectant, listening and sharing their experiences, in relation to the challenges and failures that they’ve had to overcome, the obstacles in their personal life which have influenced their business, and how to handle emotions in their favor.

More than 100 people, all of the entrepreneurs from different areas, participated enthusiastically in each of the activities carried out by the speaker, who’s originally from Mexicali, and who highlighted the importance of being able to give yourself the value you deserve, learn to forgive oneself from any past mistakes, and retake the reins of your business, and your life.

Finally, Burgueño congratulated the Cu4tro Fronteras organization committee, for carrying out initiatives such as this one, in favor of promoting entrepreneurship, and building effective business relationships, which will strengthen ties between both sides of the border, within this binational community. Additionally, as a response, the Organizing Cu4tro Fronteras Congress Committee, delivered a recognition plaque to the author of Segunda Oportunidad (Second Chance), for her participation in the event.

It should be noted that Segunda Oportunidad (Second Chance), is a book of high emotional content and human quality, which has currently sold more than 16,000 copies, in its first edition. This work is also available online, so you can purchase it on Amazon and it will soon be available in its English version.

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