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Baja California Celebrates its 66th Anniversary


Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid exhorted the population to continue working hand in hand with their authorities at the official ceremony of the 66th anniversary of the state of Baja California, highlighting that in Baja California all together we must continue to build the state of opportunities we want, to make the entity larger, more progressive and proud to all its inhabitants.

In the presence of authorities of the three orders of government, businessmen and academics, governor Francisco Vega stressed that “people have always advanced through their character and strong will, inheritance of our illustrious pioneers, which has allowed us to build day to day, the great State that we are today, Baja California, which is the land of our parents and the home of our children.”

Therefore, he added, to commemorate that historic day when the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California was created, in which a respectful tribute is paid to all those citizens, characters and political actors, which from that time on, were the northern territory of Baja California until today, each contributed in their time and in the political circumstance that they had to live under, to make this State, the land of great opportunities and progress that it is today.

Governor Kiko Vega mentioned that Baja California is a model of development and growth, because in 66 years of constitutional life, it has managed to advance what in other regions of the country, took many decades and several generations, “and in that model of development we continue faithful to the inheritance of the pioneers, to continue generating together, society and government, the great opportunities for development, growth and progress for our families”.

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