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5th Annual Taste of the Valley Scholarship Fundraiser

By: Diana Moreno, SDSU Assistant Director of Development & Community Affairs

San Diego State University Imperial Valley (SDSU IV), will host its 5th Annual Taste of the Valley Scholarship Fundraiser on Friday, April 6, 2018, at the campus Rollie Carrillo Quad at 6:30 PM.

Over 500 business, civic and community leaders gather at the Taste of the Valley to celebrate the noble and collective work in meeting the higher education needs of the local community. A grand selection of Imperial Valley restaurants showcase their very best delicacies.

This year’s theme of Noche de Primavera celebrates fresh new beginnings as SDSU IV sets out to achieve significant milestones through a renewed initiative of “Growing and Transforming the Community”. A basic premise of this initiative is that SDSU IV is the only public institution of higher education to support the economic development of Imperial Valley through the granting of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. While the local K-12 school system and community college are growing, and graduating students at a pace consistent with the needs of Imperial County, SDSU IV is not.

Case in point: From 2011 to 2015, the Census Bureau reported that 66% of county residents (25 and older) have completed a high school degree or higher. In the same time period, 14% have completed a bachelor’s degree. This means there are thousands of additional residents in Imperial County that can be served by SDSU IV in their pursuit of bachelor’s degrees, credentials, and graduate degrees.

Support from the community allows SDSU IV to work toward the renewed initiative by reaching more students with scholarships that transform lives, foster innovation and strengthen the local economy. All monies raised after event expenses go directly to fund student scholarships. For the past four years, Taste of the Valley has raised almost $90,000 and awarded 36 scholarships to local students. All SDSU IV students, regardless of grade point average, area of study, citizenship or residency status are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

This year’s spring fling with deliciously festive surroundings is sure to tantalize the senses. Don’t miss the opportunity to come together and enjoy Taste of the Valley while helping to bring about improved economic opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for everyone in Imperial Valley’s desert border region and beyond.

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