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REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: Against the disease called aging

By: Dr. Elton Gomez, expert in stem cells

Anti-aging medicine has become an active part of regenerative medicine, due to the increase of age among the population in general and the average life term, human beings, as never before in their history, have faced problems derived from aging.

This tendency makes it very important for maintaining our optimal body functions, with health and a youthful appearance, and not only experience or minimize physical and/or mental disability derived from aging.

What are the tools of regenerative medicine?

  1. Hyperbaric chamber: Stimulates and improves the metabolism of tissues by means of oxygen applied at elevated atmospheric pressures, achieving faster and better recovery of cell functions.
  2. Cell therapy: It uses stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues and repair them by the substances that the stem cells produce, or by direct stimulation by restoring the amount of damaged cells in a specific tissue or the whole organism.
  3. Tissue frequencies: As tissues need a substantial amount of substances to maintain themselves such as hormones, nutrients, vitamins and others, they also need to be subjected to a certain electric charge, which maintains the different functions of tissues, using special devices, Known as TENS (Transcutaneal electro Nerve sitmulation) remain in tune with the rest of the other tissues (it is a simple way of saying it)
  4. Hypernutrition: Adequate amounts of minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and other nutrients are supplemented by antioxidants, which neutralize the free radicals that damage the tissues of the body on different fronts, reducing the oxidative stress that makes tissues age.

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