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InnovaModa Promotes local and national designers with catwalk

Tijuana, B.C.- Local and national design and designers were promoted in Tijuana through the InnovaModa 2019 catwalk in its seventh edition called “Tijuana is my Style”, performed at the “Quartz” facilities.

In the work and talent of the designers Perre Henocque, Abraham Vargas, Jessi Martìnez and Nayibi Villarreal, which was appreciated on the catwalk that brought together the design guild, who watched each work presented with great attention.

Within the framework of InnovaModa, conferences and workshops were held by leading exponents to provide attendees with more knowledge about the design environment in Mexico and other countries.

The designs of Ary Villa were presented as a head designer on the catwalk that made models, men, and women, carry her innovative designs, full of practicality and quality, as well as ease to sell.

The winners of InnovaModa Fashion Film were the projects headed by Jorge Redulfo with first place, Jocelyne Reyes with second place and Alex Lara with third place, who made of Tijuana a professional platform for fashion.

The art of the designers caught the attention of the attendees who carefully appreciated each design that was presented by the models, who proudly bore the peculiar styles and colors.

Innovative Tijuana through InnovaModa, encouraged art, fashion, and cinema, in addition to supporting young talents to continually prepare, providing them with the necessary tools to carry out their ideas and projects.

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