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Relevant news concerning the region belonging to California and Baja California’s border.
Noticias relevantes relacionadas a la región perteneciente a la frontera de California y Baja California.

January, 2021

  • 28 January

    New U.S. Travel Restrictions Could Devastate Mexico’s Tourism

    -Editorial The U.S. government will require travelers over age 2, including U.S. citizens, to show proof of a recent, negative Covid-19 test result before boarding flights to the United States. President Joe Biden announced a new presidential proclamation stating all travelers entering the U.S. from abroad would need to self-quarantine …

  • 28 January

    Interior trending design 2021

    By: Virgilio Anguiano, Architect. The year 2020 has been a long and not very comfortable year, therefore, we want to start 2021 with great enthusiasm and these are the interior design trends and colors that will be trending in 2021, we must take colors seriously into consideration because they define …

  • 27 January

    Restrictions Eased for Restaurants and Other Businesses in San Diego

    -Editorial After seven weeks of closures, restaurants, museums, theaters and other businesses can resume outdoor operations immediately under state guidance. Hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, and tattoo parlors can open indoors. Hotels and other lodgings can open. The changes are a result of California health officials’ announcement that the Regional …

  • 25 January

    Biden and Lopez Obrador Set Bilateral Agenda in Motion

    -Editorial Many people had speculated what kind of relationship Mexico and the United States would have with a new administration coming in, it looks that the binational relationship will continue on good terms.  To those legislators and business, people on both sides of the border that were concerned about the …

  • 25 January

    First Stage of the Cross-Border Interurban Passenger Train Advances

    -Editorial The interurban train, which in its first stage will travel 27.5 kilometers from Otay to Maclovio Rojas to transport more than 40 thousand passengers, could include Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe in the future, announced Mario Escobedo, Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST). This was said by the …

  • 25 January

    Stay-At-Home Order Has Been Lifted by Governor Newsom

    -Editorial Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday that the Stay-at-Home Order will be lifted in all regions of the state at his press conference. Outdoor restaurant service, haircuts, and open-air workouts could soon resume — again — across California. Local health officials can decide if they want to keep some of …

  • 24 January

    Digital Marketing: The Bet of Many Companies in Times of Pandemic

    -Editorial In times of uncertainty, challenges, and constant changes in business schemes, caused largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing is experiencing a boom, mainly in the areas of positioning strategies web and increase of clients, in companies, which are a determining factor for their survival.  There is a clear …

  • 22 January

    49% Of Minority-Owned SMBs Couldn’t Afford Their Rent in January

    -Editorial Results from Alignable’s January Rent Poll have just been released, revealing that rent payments are still a struggle for one-third (33%) of all small business owners. While the new PPP funds could improve this situation in the coming weeks, right now, millions of small businesses still can’t afford to …

  • 22 January

    County Supervisors Ask Governor Newsom to Allocate More Vaccines for Imperial Valley

    -Editorial The Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved a letter that will be sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom asking him for additional vaccine allocations. The recent events in the Imperial County on the demand for vaccination for the senior citizen population prompted the board to ask Governor Newsom for …

  • 21 January

    The Impact of Wine On Health

    -Editorial Winemaking, according to scientifically proven data, can date back to the Neolithic Circa 6000 BC. The vessels they found in the form of amphorae had residues of tartaric acid, an acid that provides much of the PH to the must. The alcohol in the wine is a free radical …