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February, 2024

  • 21 February

    Mid-Winter Fair to Showcase 1,300 Animal Exhibits

    -Editorial When the 2024 California Mid-Winter Fair opens March 1, it will feature about 1,300 animal exhibits ranging from the 15 Junior Breeding Boar Goats to several hundred Market sheep, Market Swine, Feeder Calves and Steers. Included in the Junior Poultry exhibits this year will be 37 Market Turkeys in …

  • 20 February

    Impact of Student Loan Debt on 401(k) Contributions Revealed in Comprehensive Study

    -Editorial Student loan debt is emerging as a significant factor affecting individuals’ financial well-being and, notably, their contributions to 401(k) retirement plans, according to a comprehensive study. A research by the Employment Benefit Research Institute delves into the intricate relationship between student loan obligations, 401(k) contributions, and the financial decisions …

  • 19 February

    Use of Illegally Obtained Resources in Mexico

    By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, corporate attorney, internationalist, law professor, social activist, and philanthropist. In Mexico, the regulation of the use of resources of illicit origin is quite new and its interpretations are diverse, however, what is a reality is that to the extent that we create greater foreign alliances …

  • 18 February

    Central Union Triumphs as 2023-2024 Mock Trial Champions, Headed to State Finals

    -Editorial Central Union High School has clinched the coveted title of the 2023-2024 Mock Trial Champions. This impressive victory grants them the honor of representing Imperial County at the upcoming 2024 State Finals.  Beyond showcasing their legal prowess, this accomplishment stands as a source of pride for both the school …

  • 18 February

    Navigating the Thin Line Between Domestic Violence and Homelessness

    -Editorial Domestic violence – also known as Intimate Partner Violence – is one of the leading causes of homelessness, particularly for victims with limited financial resources.  A new study released last month by the University of California San Francisco Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative finds that at least 17% of …

  • 16 February

    COLAB of Imperial County Hosts Final Candidate Forum for Imperial Irrigation District Division 4

    -Editorial The Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business (COLAB) of Imperial County held the final candidate forum for the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Division 4 race on Feb. 15. The highly anticipated event took place at the historic Women’s Improvement Club in Calexico, where three out of the five candidates …

  • 16 February

    Governor Marina del Pilar Strengthens Arizona-Baja California Ties for Economic Prosperity

    -Editorial In a series of strategic meetings with key figures from Arizona’s government, academic, and business sectors, Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda of Baja California has fortified the social and economic ties between the two states, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and talent development for a prosperous future. …

  • 15 February

    Imperial County District Attorney’s Office Celebrates Creation of Collaborative Justice Court

    -Editorial  The Imperial County District Attorney’s Office celebrated the ribbon cutting of the Collaborative Justice Court (CJC) program, ushering in a new era of alternatives to traditional incarceration and fostering restorative practices to mitigate recidivism while bolstering public safety. The CJC is a multifaceted initiative, providing a lifeline to eligible …

  • 14 February

    Miguel Chapa Runs in a Platform of Unity for Congress

    -Editorial On January 28, congressional candidate Miguel Chapa returned to his hometown of Calexico, connecting with residents at the Women’s Improvement Club. The event served as a platform for open dialogue on community issues, emphasizing Chapa’s commitment to unity. Amidst a warm and inviting atmosphere for attendees, Chapa showcased his …

  • 14 February

    Revolutionizing Women’s Skin Aesthetics: The Breakthrough Confluence of Regenerative Therapies

    By: Dr. Elton Gómez, Specialist in Regenerative Medicine. The Confluence of Regenerative Therapies: A Revolutionary Breakthrough for Women’s Skin Aesthetics In the constant search for innovative solutions to improve skin health and aesthetics, the confluence of regenerative therapies has emerged as a revolutionary approach, leveraging technologies such as hyperbaric oxygen …