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April, 2024

  • 16 April

    Texas and Mexico Strengthen Ties Through Enhanced Nearshoring Initiatives

    -Editorial The Texas-Mexico Binational Commission recently hosted a groundbreaking forum focused on the concept of near-shoring and its potential benefits for both Mexico and the United States. The event brought together key stakeholders from the business sectors of both countries to engage in a thought-provoking discussion on how near-shoring can …

February, 2024

January, 2024

  • 30 January

    Navigating the Border Challenge: Exploring Policy Solutions Amidst Polarized Politics

    -Editorial The United States is facing an uptick and change in the border flows of people seeking a better life, and instead of addressing it with comprehensive and long-term solutions, there’s yet another series of proposals meant to “harden” policies and “close” the borders.  The Republican party has taken an …

  • 29 January

    The Ripple Effect of Home Country Elections on Diaspora Dynamics

    -Editorial Elections dominate the 2024 news curve and not just in the U.S. Taiwan, India and Mexico are among key countries with large diaspora populations in the US that are holding national elections. At a press briefing by Ethnic Media Services, it was explored how diaspora communities interact with elections …

  • 11 January

    REC2024 Unveils Visionary People-Centric, Humanist, and Egalitarian Diplomacy

    -Editorial The 35th annual meeting of ambassadors and consuls (REC 2024) was held at the Foreign Ministry from Monday, January 8 to Saturday, January 13, with the participation of 146 ambassadors and consuls from Mexico’s 162 diplomatic representations, in addition to emeritus, eminent, and retired ambassadors and top Foreign Ministry …

  • 5 January

    Beyond Borders Gazette Celebrates New Year Along with Friends and Supporters

    -Editorial In an intimate celebration, Beyond Borders Gazette hosted its highly anticipated annual End of the Year – New Year toast on Jan. 3. The event provided an opportunity for staff, contributors, and partners to come together and commemorate the remarkable milestones achieved throughout the year 2023, while also setting …

December, 2023

  • 28 December

    U.S. and Mexico High-Level Officials Convene to Tackle Looming Border Crisis

    -Editorial Acknowledging that there is a looming border crisis that cannot be ignored anymore, high-level officials from the U.S. and Mexico met on how to solve the migrant situation that is affecting the southern border.  Following a phone call between President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and U.S. President Joe Biden, …

  • 8 December

    Banxico and SRE Issue Commemorative 20-Peso Coin in Celebration of 200 Years of Mexico-US Relations

    -Editorial In a ceremony held on Wednesday, December 6, at the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE) in Mexico City, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) marked a significant milestone by commemorating 200 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States through the issuance of a 20-peso commemorative coin. Five …

  • 4 December

    Lukeville Port of Entry Shut Down Indefinitely

    -Editorial U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the closure of the Lukeville, Arizona Port of Entry beginning midnight Monday, December 4, 2023, until further notice.   “In response to increased levels of migrant encounters at the Southwest Border, fueled by smugglers peddling disinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals, CBP …

November, 2023

  • 20 November

    Biden and López Obrador Strengthen Bilateral Ties in San Francisco Meeting

    -Editorial President Joe Biden met with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in San Francisco, California. The two leaders reaffirmed the U.S.-Mexico relationship as a consequential strategic partnership that spans the full spectrum of national and homeland security interests ranging from economic competitiveness and climate change to citizen …