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Yuma Mayor to hold business-based conversations


Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls invites members of the public to a series of forums that will each focus on a different sector of local commerce.

Conducted in partnership with the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce, Business Conversations with Mayor Nicholls will serve as a platform for business owners and consumers to ask questions, voice concerns, engage in dialogue, or simply participate by listening.

These meetings will feature rotating topics focused on the needs of the business community.

Each event in the series is scheduled for 4 to 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday at City Hall. Topics and room numbers are as follows:

  • 22 (Room 190) – Hospitality, tourism and retail.
  • 12 (Room 142) – Manufacturing, construction and agriculture.
  • 26 (Room 190) – Education and nonprofit sectors.
  • 10 (Room 190) – Financial sector.
  • 24 (Room 190) – Medical, personal services and professional services.

To register, visit YumaChamber.org.

“It is key to be connected and in tune with the business community in Yuma to both be an effective voice for the people and to strive for greater economic growth opportunities. In order to be that voice, my aim is to provide a venue for simplified engagement to supplement emails, calls, and City Council meetings for that type of two-way communication,” Mayor Nicholls said.

For additional information about Business Conversations with Mayor Nicholls, please email sheryl@yumachamber.org or call 928-782-2567.

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