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Yuma launches Adopt-a-Nurse program to support Healthcare Workers


With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Yuma County, and hospital staff at Yuma Regional Medical Center pushed to their limit, the City of Yuma launches Adopt-a-Nurse Yuma, an initiative to pool local resources to provide meals and other encouragement efforts for the city’s healthcare workers.

Yumans can participate by making a donation, or dropping off a thank-you, Christmas or holiday card. Residents can also simply reach out to an acquaintance in the healthcare field to thank them for the work they are doing on behalf of our entire region.

“Your donations will provide food and supplies for hospital staff, and your notes of encouragement will lift spirits and provide strength to our healthcare workers at our hospital,” said Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls. “Thank you for your generosity!”

The City also encourages local businesses to sponsor the program. The City will be working with other community organizations to explore other ways to make an impact on behalf of those who are on battling on the leading edge of the pandemic.

Swire Coca-Cola became the first major donor, providing 25 cases of Powerade and 20 cases of Monster energy drinks to the nursing and healthcare staff at YRMC. 

“The televised reports of the toll this pandemic has taken on healthcare workers remind us of the incredible efforts and difficult sacrifices they are making daily to treat our loved ones and neighbors,” said City Administrator Philip Rodriguez. “In the spirit of Yumans coming together to help each other out, and in the season of giving, we ask those who are in a position to do so to let our health providers know how deeply we appreciate these workers and their sacrifices.”

Find more information on the City of Yuma website at http://www.yumaaz.gov/Adopt-A-Nurse, including a link for how to make a donation, where to drop off cards, and learn about other gestures you can make to support our hospital staff.

Individuals, businesses, and community organizations interested in supporting the initiative are encouraged to contact Kirk Dunn at kirk.dunn@yumaaz.com

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