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Undoubtedly we have experienced, more than once, the long car waiting lines to get across the border.

How much time do we spend on this? Time we usually use chatting and joking on cell phone or at best listening to soft relaxing music.


“ The basics of Yoga is Breathing ….”

We can use this dull waiting time on BREATHING consciously. Practicing 2 of the 9 breaths we

learn in Yoga Breathing – SWARA Yoga. Getting among other benefits, stress relief, clean lungs

from residual air and increasing lung capacity with better oxygen intake into the bloodstream.


Lower Abdominal Breath – move your abdomen: expand and contract your abdomen using belly

muscle to activate diaphragm. The nose remains passive, that is you are NOT smelling activating

nose. Permit air to go in and out due to abdominal movement.


Deep Breath – The breath doctors ask for. Expand lungs breath-in and let air out completely. In

both breaths intake and expel air through NOSE

A good driver tilts the wheel until the top is shoulder height and

hands grasp the wheel at the 9 – 3 o´clock position at a seat

distance that permit rest wrists over the steering wheel while

extending arms. The backseat should have an angle of

approximately 100º. Legs almost extended with a light angle.


Hand position and movement on wheel while waiting in line.


  1. The seating posture permits you to extend arms and rest wrists

over steering wheel at an 11 and 1 clock leaving sight above it on the car in front of you.

  1. Holding the steering wheel at the 9 & 3 position you can push back against the seat.
  2. Gently release wheel turning wrists inwards with thumbs down keeping 9 & 3 hand position.


“ Yoga is rhythmic breath and movement……… ”


Exercise 1. Take a deep breath as you INHALE raise fingers up flexing wrists and as you EXHALE

release wrists and turn fingers down always keeping wrists on top of the steering wheel. Position

  1. Repeat next 9 cycles with lower abdominal breath. Rest and then begin another cycle. Repeat 3

times. You can start with 5 cycles if dizziness occurs.


Exercise 2. As you EXHALE push the steering wheel moving backwards and shifting shoulders

towards front, sticking belly in. Hold breath in for 2 seconds with empty lungs and then promptly let

go belly relaxing elbows. INHALE passively. Repeat 10 cycles with deep breaths. Rest and repeat

3 times.


Exercise 3. Deep breath INHALING hold the steering wheel at the 9 & 3 position thumbs up,

EXHALING turn wrists and shoulders moving inwards thumbs down while you EXHALE

simultaneously performing movement 3. Take 10 breath cycles, rest repeat 3 times.


INHALE in 4 seconds and EXHALE IN 6. Always EXHALE in one and a half times of

INHALATION . Increase time between breaths little by little without exceeding yourself.


By: Leticia Mancera Ortega

Certified Yoga Master IYF

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