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XXI Festival of the Shells and New Wine to Take Place This Month


Shells, Wine, and a very pleasant time is what promised at the annual festival in this new edition number twenty-one.

This festival arises thanks to the concern of wine producers, aquaculturists, and chefs in the region to pay tribute to the local ingredient. Today, after twenty years of history, the root of its existence is invoked once again, to create a community by celebrating the product of origin with the oysters from the coasts and the new wines from the wineries of the region, giving voice to the hands responsible that gave Ensenada and Baja California notoriety at a national and international level.

There is unique geography and weather in communion with the passion of producers for their trade. Viticulture, aquaculture, and gastronomy in perfect harmony, framed in this twenty-first edition by a program of activities from April 1 to 18: aquaculture workshops in virtual mode, online cooking classes with experiences at home, menus based on shells in participating restaurants, wine tastings paired with fresh shells and a face-to-face activity by Mesas Marinas. Marine Tables: An exclusive experience facing the sea.

Having an unparalleled view of the sea-facing the marina of the host hotel (Coral & Marina, Ensenada), on Saturday, April 17 there will be two schedules (12:00 and 4:00 PM) of 15 Marine Tables, where 10 diners per table will be attended exclusively by a chef, a winemaker and a shell producer, who will explain in detail the gastronomic experience to be enjoyed through a 4-course pairing tasting.

Each dish will be paired with recently launched wine labels on the market. Also, attendees will have the opportunity to taste fresh shells, white and sparkling wines in an anteroom, as part of their outdoor experience facing the sea.

In compliance with the health protocols established by health agencies and is responsible for the care of all attendees, “Marine Tables 2021” will have a limited capacity of 150 people, in an open-air venue that normally receives up to 800 people.

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