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XVIII Flowering Vineyard Festival: An event that benefits vulnerable groups in the wine valleys of Baja California


This Wednesday, May 8, at a press conference, the Baja California Provino Committee shared the details of the eighteenth edition of the “Fiesta de los Viñedos en Flor”, a collaborative effort that promotes sustainability.

This event represents a tribute to the producers of the land, promotes ecological awareness, and, in turn, strengthens the social fabric of the wine valleys of Baja California through philanthropic actions.

“For 17 years the objective has been to benefit vulnerable groups in Ensenada, for many years it went directly to the San Vicente Shelter and for a couple of editions we have concentrated the support in the heart of the Guadalupe Valley, to the Casa Hogar Rancho de los Niños and CBTA #323, both located in the Ejido El Porvenir,” said Wenceslao Martínez, President of Provino.

Although the mission of the organization that represents the most important wine sector in the country is the promotion and promotion of the wine culture of Baja California, for several years they have directed efforts to ensure the comprehensive development of the communities where the wineries members carry out their activity. That is why, starting in 2022, this support was materialized at the infrastructure level through the construction of a 600m2 fast-paced soccer field made of concrete for the “Rancho de los Ninos” Home in the Ejido El Porvenir with an investment of 700,000 pesos, which was delivered in February 2023, benefiting not only the 80 minors in the orphanage but also children and adolescents in the area.

In 2023, the project arose to strengthen the College of Agricultural Technical High School Students (CBTA #323), also in the Ejido el Porvenir, with 105 tables, tables for classrooms, equipment for the computer classroom (35 computers and 1 projector) as well as the expansion of the civic esplanade with leveling-restoration of plank, baskets, flagpole, planters, steps, painting and signage with a total investment of 727,500 pesos, the work will conclude at the end of May to directly benefit 150 students of the campus.

“We work on these actions that arise from the Festival of the Vineyards in Bloom event the rest of the year to increase the stock and also add contributions from the private initiative, especially from industry suppliers. As Provino allows us to promote sports, recreation and, above all, dignify the spaces, betting on the good development of minors to avoid dropping out of school and ensuring that they do not become victims of bad habits,” said Álvaro Romero, Secretary of the Association.

Under the guiding theme of Provino 2024 “Sustainable Agriculture”, a comprehensive philosophy is encompassed that seeks to balance agricultural productivity with the conservation of natural resources, climate resilience, and social well-being in the valleys of Baja California. The activities of the Vineyards in Bloom Festival for this eighteenth edition are the following:

Friday, June 7: VI Series Conferences that promote responsible practices, new methods, and technologies for managing land, water, and natural resources in the region. For the sixth edition, this dissemination space will share knowledge and success stories in sustainable agriculture, where again thanks to the alliance between Provino and Berry Good Food Foundation, a discussion panel will be held by 5 experts and 1 moderator, called “You Are What You Eat (and drink): Health to Longevity!, to generate awareness about a diet based on sustainable products. Additionally, an Ecological Corridor with the participation of various civil associations and projects focused on caring for the environment, good practices, and sustainability/sustainability.

Location: “El Cielo” Auditorium at CEVIT, CETYS Universidad Ensenada

Hours: 10:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Free admission, limited space



Saturday, June 8:

100% family-friendly festival in a country setting where those under 18 years of age do not pay a ticket and will have the opportunity to carry out many artistic-recreational activities, such as plastic arts for children from 3 to 12 years old by the Prisma Academy (collective mural, painting butterflies and painting characters), workshop and kite flying, farm and animal exhibition at the Jersey Zoo-Parque del Niño and a mini market and mini restaurant activity for children from 2 to 10 years old by Distribuidora La Canasta.

84 wineries from Baja California participate with tastings of +160 wine labels starting at noon or while supplies last, as well as donating their product to be sold by Provino during the event at excellent prices per bottle and the proceeds be allocated to the organization’s philanthropic agenda. Gastronomic stations where various dishes will be prepared based on local ingredients at affordable prices, in coordination with chef Miguel Bahena (Madre) which will be in charge of the guest chefs: David Rocha (Comal), Alex Torres and Fabiola Aceves (Envero in el Valle), Edgard Romero (Terra Noble), Gaby Melchum (Hacienda Guadalupe) and Sandra Vázquez (Once Pueblos). In addition, the participation of traditional cooks Magda and Rigo Aldama from the Kumiai de la Huerta Community.

A country market where the attending public will be able to purchase various products from the region, including honey and its derivatives, baked goods, cheeses, vegetables, and preserves. An art auction that consists of making 3 large-format paintings on-site by invited plastic artists, supported by the attending children’s audience to intervene in the works.

Location: Decantos Garden, Valle de Guadalupe

Hours: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Cost: $750.00 MN / Includes: glass and wine tastings (starting at noon and while supplies last, punctuality is recommended)

Children under 18 years old are free entry. Tickets: https://bit.ly/VinedosEnFlor2024

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