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Women’s Organization Looks at Creating Lasting Change in Mexicali


The role of women in society is more important than ever and having a diverse group of citizens can make all the difference in the world. 

At Alianza de Mujeres Para Mujeres, members catch up with friends, hear what’s happening in our communities, share plans, and brainstorm ideas to create lasting change.

More than a networking and support organization for women, this group is coming to make a difference thanks to the talent that each one of them has. The women that join will be part of a movement of change that will create a ripple effect of good deeds.

“This is an opportunity to identify problems and how to address them,” said Leticia Maldonado Kosterlitzky, Coordinator of the Mexicali Chapter. “We can raise awareness and work as a group to contribute to the community.”

The first event was held on March 4, and was the Breakfast/Conference in which the Researcher of the Engineering Institute of the UABC, Dr. Eliana Rodríguez Burgueño, shared important information on the Water Crisis under the title “From the Mountains to the Desert, the Paradox of the Blue Gold”.

In her participation, she spoke about the importance of water conservation and how to find ways of supplying it for agriculture, wastewater, and cultivation. This is important as the water of the Colorado River is decreasing and will bring shortages to the region.

As an engineering teacher, she is instilling in young people information on how to face these challenges of looming water scarcity.

Since 2008, she has been collaborating with civil society associations, academia, private sectors, and the government in research on the subterranean and surface hydrology of the region, wetlands, and transboundary waters, which have resulted in research projects, scientific publications, books, reports, and outreach material.

Dr. Adriana Mendiolea Martínez, founder and legal representative of the Association founded in Tijuana in 2013, chaired the meeting and commented that during 2023 the AMPM will promote the integration of new allies in Ensenada, Mexicali, and San Diego.

For this purpose, Professor Leticia Maldonado Kosterlitzky, a person with experience in the fields of public education, art and culture, and social management inside and outside Baja California, was appointed Coordinator of the Mexicali Chapter.

The mission is to develop skills and strengthen empowerment through the leadership of women and their families in the community.

The vision is to be leaders in the transformation of the lives of women, facilitating networking through training activities for managers and businesswomen with quality and warmth in an integral way. The values ​​are congruence, respect, friendship, loyalty, harmony, peace, tolerance, and sorority.

This meeting was attended by 31 women of different generations and professional backgrounds who have diverse experiences in building valuable alliances that have left or are leaving their mark on the development of Mexicali.

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