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With the CETYS-IVC Transfer Program, Living in the Border Region Can Be Your Pass to an Engineering Major


With the CETYS-IVC Transfer Program, living in the border region can be your pass to an Engineering Major.

Mexico and the U.S. are making history via an innovative higher education initiative. CETYS Universidad in Mexicali, Baja California and Imperial Valley College in the Imperial Valley, California are the precursors and authors of the new chapter for individuals who seek an academic degree in Engineering.

The first students are expected to begin the program starting summer 2017, the first generation of the CETYS-IVC Transfer Program graduating in Summer 2019. This initiative is the result of a general agreement signed by both institutions in 2014 by both Presidents: Dr. Fernando León-García and Dr. Victor M. Jaime.

Those interested in partaking in this program will be advised to follow a designated course curriculum that has been articulated and matched between both institutions. In time, it is equivalent to the final two years of a regular four-year bachelors program, in other words, junior and senior years. Upon finishing the program, students will obtain their Bachelors Degree from a WASC accredited higher education institution from Mexico.

Currently CETYS Universidad has a wide array of diverse academic offerings for Engineering, the main track of the CETYS-IVC Transfer Program, this to provide to the Imperial Valley a skilled workforce in engineering areas that can reinforce today’s IV industrial sectors. Among that offering there is:  Engineering in Renewable Energy, Hardware and Electronic Engineering, Engineering in Computer Science, Engineering in Digital Graphic Design, Mechatronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Some of the advantages of the program are: complete studies at a US accredited institution, cost is very competitive, financial aid options, reinforce a second or a third language, geographic location and of no lesser relevance, to find opportunities for professional development on both sides of the border.

Also, as a full time CETYS student many options are available to partake in student life to the fullest. Study abroad experience, our dual degree program or our International Summer Program in Ensenada are some of the most popular options for student mobility. Further options also include our Distinguished Faculty and Lecturers Program, where CETYS hosts a number of conferences from worldwide talent such as faculty from San Diego State University, Purdue University, City University, Universidad de Alcalá, among many others.

CETYS Universidad, Mexicali Campus will be the first to jumpstart the initiative, however the program has sufficient potential to explore the possibilities of expanding among other California Community Colleges as well as other academic areas such as Business and Social Sciences and Hummanities. The other two CETYS campus located in Tijuana and Ensenada will also be able to host students in the upcoming iterations.

The CETYS-IVC Program, falls under the framework of President Obama’s initiative 100,000 Strong in the Americas, to generate impact not only in the US but also in Mexico, by jointly collaborating in the generation of a globally competitive workforce that is fluent and may develop confidently in either country.

Those interested in partaking in this unique bi-national alliance, may ask for further information at IVC’s transfer office and/or with CETYS Outreach Office (Oficina de Promoción). For inquiries please contact infocetys@cetys.mx or the toll free phone +1 855 868 9107 (US).

“This is an opportunity to eventually lead students to find competitive job opportunities on both sides of the border, they are ready to become part of the CETYS family and we are very excited to start this project together”

Dr. Víctor M. Jaime, President de Imperial Valley College.

“This collaboration is very significant because it leads CETYS to a new model of collaboration and development of initiatives in a transborder inclusion and scenario. In the Cali Baja region, there is capacity so that the US side can strengthen itself with Mexico’s collaboration and of course, with CETYS”

Dr. Fernando León García, President, CETYS University System

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