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Wine Workshop was held as part of the “Gastro Tour”

MEXICALI, B.C.– As part of the events of the first edition of the “4 Days Gastro Tour Frontera 2021”, the Theoretical-Practical Wine Tasting Workshop was held at the Proyecto Xocolate establishment, which was also broadcast virtually. This workshop was organized by the State Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Baja California (CEJEBC), CANIRAC Jóvenes, and was given by Chef Michelle Soo.

In this workshop, the tasting of five wines produced in Baja California was shown. Theoretical forays were made through a presentation in which a tour of the origin and history of wine, the traditional and current production method, was made. Basic tools and knowledge were also shared to identify wine classifications and their use, as well as to choose them based on our tastes and income.

Rodrigo Terán, president of CANIRAC Jovenes, mentioned about the event: “I think they are events that promote and encourage, not only entrepreneurship, but also an awareness and above all an exploration of what is the gastronomy of our region, which is Baja California, and of which we have a lot of wealth and a lot of talent”.

“What was sought was to demonstrate that there are very good quality wines in the region and, above all, that learning and experiencing how a good wine should be tasted is how you get the most out of it,” explained Terán.

On her part, Chef Michelle Soo highlighted the importance of not classifying wine intake as exclusive to a specific social class or group. She added, although the consumption of Mexican wine in Baja California has risen in the last three years, it is essential to carry out these types of events in which the elaboration and origin of the wine are made known, and in which it is mainly incentivized their consumption.  So she, too, highlighted the importance of government support being made to wine producers and wineries in the state.

“In the end, it ends up being a very careful product, a product that requires a lot of follow-ups, a lot of monitoring,” said Soo.  “You have to think that it also has that other part of health and culture that would be interesting to add as it is in other countries, for example, as in Spain that is considered to be the basic food basket,” she pointed out.

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