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WHERE WILL I LIVE? —A new children’s book about child refugees displaced by war

New Book Provides Powerful Teaching Guide for Children About Refugees Displaced by War


“An excellent book that will give children the sensitivity and understanding needed to empathize with some children and families in search of shelter.”

Book written by: UN Ambassador Rosemary McCarney
(April 2017)

PRESS RELEASE. – As political unrest across the world continues and war perforates the landscape, families are torn apart and homes are thrown asunder. Makeshift refugee camps become the only place for the displaced to rest and call home, unsure if they’’ll ever be able to return to their actual homes. This harrowing journey leaves a lasting impact on the men and women who have traveled thousands of miles in search of safety, but more so on the children who have traveled so far with them and the orphans who have been left with nothing but questions.

WHERE WILL I LIVE? [Second Story Press, 19.95 US], written by UN Ambassador Rosemary McCarney, gives a sobering glimpse into the lives of child refugees. Poignant text and sincere photographs convey the dangers of their situation but also reveal an unstoppable vision of resilience and hope. The book helps young readers and those whose lives are not directly affected by this crisis think about the importance of home and what life is like for a child refugee who doesn’t have the necessities that are undoubtedly taken for granted.

As dire the situation that these children find themselves in, the lasting message of WHERE WILL I LIVE? Is uplifting and sure to impact the reader. Children – even those who might not know where their next meal is coming from – are strong and amazingly perserverant in the most difficult of conditions and facing uncertainty with optimism.

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