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What to do in the Californias this summer?

By: Ellie Burgueño

For all of us who live in a privileged geographical area, it should not be very difficult to figure out the places we can visit in Baja California or California to spend a relaxing weekend, a few days out of town or out of our routine, a splendid vacation at a much lower cost than taking a trip to a distant place.

From local corners, either in our distribution cities, such as: Mexicali, Tijuana, Imperial Valley or San Diego, places that have some or many tourist attractions, places within the state, such as the Port of Ensenada, Rosarito, San Felipe on the Mexican side or in California, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim and other cities in Southern California, you will not miss an ideal and fun destination to spend with friends, alone or with family.

Let’s start with Baja California. This state is synonymous with wine, gastronomic and tourist wealth that places the State as one of the most visited places in Mexico. The friendliness of its people and the good atmosphere cuddle tourists that visit the different cities located in the arm of the country. Some places to visit are: The Wine Route, the traditional Bar Hussongs, if you are in Ensenada, La Bufadora, Puerto Nuevo (New Port Beach) and its delicious lobsters, the beaches of Rosarito; and for outdoor activities we recommend the Rocky Canyon of Guadalupe which will allow you to climb, mountain bike, visit archaeological sites and explore the cave paintings detailed by the ancestors in the great rocks of the canyon; enjoy relaxation and tranquility in Puertecitos; appreciate the giant rocks formed during the Paleozoic and Quaternary period of La Rumurosa; take a trip to Cabaña del Abuelo and taste the exquisite food prepared there; away from the daily noise of the city, know the Sierra de Juarez and visit the Hanson Lagoon, it is a tourist attraction to practice camping, hiking or mountaineering. Also the summer season is a good opportunity to visit the Valley of the Syrians, a place that attracts foreigners, locals or tourists from all over the country to take pictures and appreciate wildcats, a symbolic animal from the Baja California region, embark from Ensenada or La Bufadora and admire the beauty that surrounds Todos Santos Island off the coast.

California is not far behind, it is a state that has multiple attractions and wealth of every kind, from beaches and attractive resorts, attractions such as The Universal Studios in Hollywood, The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, Museums, amusement parks like Walt Disney in Anaheim, Legoland in San Diego, SeaWorld, among others, as well as the gastronomy that can be found at various points in the city of San Diego created by renowned Chefs, Del Mar and adjacent towns, Napa Valley vineyards, craft beer such as those found on the San Diego brewery route and walks through the harbors, a hike along the Runyon Canyon, a short boat trip on the bay or many other activities and attractions that can be enjoyed with the family, alone or in company of someone, just give a click and look for the best options online.

It is important to take into account that as a resident of a region that is so rich and attractive to the whole world, you don’t have to borrow, break the bank or spend a stratospheric amount of money to enjoy a splendid vacation and lots of fun this summer in company of those you love. Let’s get to know a little more about the region and enjoy the Californias.

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