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What is a Project Manager and their tasks?

When we talk about a Project Manager, it seems enough to summarize the extent of their role in companies with only one word: direction of projects.  However, we usually don’t delve into the matter. What do we exactly understand by <direction>? Are there specific functions?

1) Definition and Project presentation.  A Project Manager is not someone who makes last-minute decisions. His role in a project goes further back, with its definition and presentation of stages and deadlines for customers. In addition, he will be sort of an intermediary between these and the team that executes the tasks.

2) Planning:  From presentation to planning.  In this second point, the Project Manager needs to be more precise and define elements such as dates, deadlines, responsible ones, positions, resources, and costs. In doing so, it should be clear that this plan will be his guide during the complete course of action.

3) Establish objectives:  In some cases, the Project promoter is the same director. In these cases, the objectives are easier to take into practice.  Nevertheless, on other occasions, the Project Manager needs to define them according to the customer or investor. Whichever way, he should be the one in charge of giving sense to the project.

4) Task supervision:  This is the principal function of a Project Manager or at least the most recognized one. In delegating to third parties, a director of projects never loses the strategic vision, he should keep informed of each task and measure the evolution and development of his work teams.  The degree of supervision is in great part the success or failure of each project, especially those that are made up of many tasks.

5) Implementing solutions or changes: Finally, he is also responsible for the implementation of changes and solutions. This requires an ability of constant discernment since a Project Manager needs to decide when to intervene in the process and how to do it. Likewise, he will have to decide which points from the initial plan can be modified.

SOURCE: https://www.obs-edu.com/int/blog-project-management/salidas-profesionales-pm/que-es-un-project-manager-y-cuales-son-sus-tareas

Miguel Urriza Montaño

Dean of Extension and Continuing Education

Cetys Universidad, Campus Mexicali

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