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“WE ARE THE BUILDERS OF THE SECOND CENTURY OF MEXICALI” said the City Mayor at the 113 City’s Anniversary Official Ceremony.



Mexicali’s people are dedicated to make their dreams and the community’s dreams come true, reason why we must feel proud to be the builders of this second century and create a common project, stated the Mexicali’s City Mayor, Jaime Rafael Diaz Ochoa, when leading the official 113 Anniversary of Mexicali ceremony.

At the Centenario Plaza a civic and cultural event took place where local, state and military government officials participated, as well as some former Mexicali City Mayors.

166.4The Mexicali City Mayor, Jaime Rafael Diaz Ochoa, outlined that a just and recognized tribute is carried out to men and women who arrived to this land, and who showed us what can be done with tenacity, perseverance and  vision in the future.

“Together with faith and conviction strength is given to us to overcome the challenges, trying to always look for what unites us and putting aside what keeps us apart. We build the future together with daily work creating new opportunities”, he pointed out.

He mentioned that he’s motivated about the strength of the over 5 thousand people city workforce who day after day “fight over” in order to bring better services and work for San Felipe, the valley and the city.

During the ceremony the guests honored the flag, act done by the marching band and military escorts of the military Region II.

The historian, Oscar Hernandez, coordinator of the municipal historical archive, read the Foundation of Mexicali Agreement.

A Mexicali historical remembrance was also performed in charge of the Casa de la Cultura’s drama group and the Casa de la Cultura’s municipal ballet and symphonic choir.

166.7The Mexicali City Mayor handed some awards to the “Centenary Kids” who were born on March 14 2003: Jose Luis Aguilar, Álvarez Padilla, Ailyn Griselda Barba Chavesti, Ángela Rouse Martínez Rodriguez, Dana Paola, Ricardo Gabriel Pérez Arechiga, Jesús Manuel Pérez Hurtado, Joahan Antonio Saldaña Contreras y Cinthya Terán Aragón.

Finally the traditional anniversary cake was cut, the official photograph was taken and the “mañanitas” song was sung.


Among the attendees were:  Sonia Carrillo Pérez, President of the DIF Municipal board; Brenda Ruacho de Vega, President of the DIF Baja California System; Francisco Rueda Gómez, Secretary of State Government; Congressman Alberto Martínez in representation of the XXI Constitutional Legislature of the State Congress of Baja California; Raúl González Arias, Magistrate of the Second Chamber of the Court of Justice; The Surgeon Sergio Mandujano representing the General of Division;  the former State Governor, Eugenio Elorduy Walther; the City Council Members Carmen Arámburo, Silvia Guerra, Amintha Briceño, David Reynoso y Abraham Medina; Francisco Iribe Paniagua, Secretary of the City Council and the City Mayor Kid 2015, Ashlie Nahomi Olea Tabánico.

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