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Very Low Turnout Drives Election Results in Imperial County


The campaign is over and the votes have been casted in the primary election of 2022. Only four percent of the voters participated according to information provided by the election department at 11 p.m. on June 7.

The Imperial County Registrar of Voters posted its first election result numbers at 8 p.m. showing an early trend in the results. The elections department has 30 days to finalize the vote count.

California voters will elect all of California’s seats to the United States House of Representatives, one seat to the United States Senate, all of the seats of the California State Assembly, all even-numbered seats of the California State Senate, and the Governor of California and various statewide offices.

Under Proposition 14 passed in 2010, California uses a nonpartisan blanket primary for its races. All the candidates for the same elected office, regardless of their respective political party, run against each other at once during the primary. The candidates receiving the most and second-most votes in the primary election then become the contestants in the general election.

The local race in Imperial County had some interesting results.

In the Imperial County District Attorney’s race, Mario Vela had a strong lead by being the top vote-getter followed by public defender, George Marquez. 

Judge Jeffrey Jones easily won his re-election against Attorney Kevin Kelley.

For County Sheriff, Undersheriff Fred Miramontes had a commanding lead against Hilton Smith.

Jesus Eduardo Escobar seemingly won his race against Joong Kim and Briant Fabela for County Supervisor District 1. 

The rest of the races such as Imperial Irrigation District and Imperial County Assessor were too close to call on election day and might be decided by a small margin when the final results are published. 


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