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Trump to Help Mexico with Ventilators and Medical Equipment


President Donald Trump has agreed to send 1,000 ventilators to Mexico to help them treat people for COVID-19.

As part of the strong binational relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, President Trump and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke on the phone April 17 to talk about collaboration in time the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting both countries.

Help is on the way to Mexico.

The call was to follow up on the request by the Mexican government for the acquisition of ventilators and intensive care medical equipment.

President Trump said that by the end of this month Mexico will have one thousand ventilators and will be able to acquire more with no restrictions on the purchase of equipment from the United States.

“This is a new gesture of solidarity with Mexico. I raised the possibility of meeting in June or July to express our gratitude to him personally and to witness the USMCA go into effect. My affection for our countrymen and the American people.” Obrador said on Twitter.

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