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Transportation Owners Give Support To The Political Project Headed By Jorge Hank Rhon


“The priority of my government is to improve the standard of living of all workers in Baja California, but this can only be achieved if we work together with government and society,” said the candidate of the Encuentro Solidario Party (PES) before more than 31,500 public transport drivers who this morning expressed solidarity with the project led by Jorge Hank Rhon.

Within the framework of an event headed by groups of transportation owners from Tijuana, the candidate added that to achieve a true reordering of transportation, it is vital to listen, dialogue, agree, and resolve, which will be a reality as of November 1 “thanks to the vote of the Baja Californians,” he pointed out.

He explained that once the objective is achieved “we will give way to the reordering of routes and the review of the Institute of Sustainable Mobility, to determine if it effectively works for the benefit of the workers behind the wheel.

What is a reality, said Hank Rhon, is that specific actions are required in which all those involved contribute capacity and knowledge in order to give local transportation the necessary tools to achieve their modernization for the benefit of citizens.

“It is evident that, as a union, the workers behind the wheel have been the most affected by the senseless decisions of the current state administration, so we will have to comply with their needs in order to crystallize each of their demands,” he said the candidate for governor of Baja California.

The adhesion of more than 3,000 transportation companies from Tijuana to the political project headed by Jorge Hank Rhon also implies “that we never offer something that we cannot fulfill, my friends – like all of you – know that what I say is only what I can fulfill,” He concluded.

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