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Tijuana shines as the epicenter of Meeting Tourism: Unstoppable growth in 2023


The strategy to position Tijuana as a leading destination for meeting tourism has achieved extraordinary success in 2023. With the hosting of 55 congresses and conventions, the city has experienced a significant economic impact, generating a turnover of 476.3 million pesos.

The Tijuana Tourism and Conventions Committee implemented an ambitious strategy to position the city as a reference point for the organization of nationally and internationally relevant events. In a meeting with representatives from professional colleges, associations, and other entities, the potential of Tijuana as an ideal venue for congresses and conventions was highlighted.

Karim Chalita Rodríguez, the committee’s president, expressed satisfaction in bringing together individuals capable of attracting and organizing these events across different professional sectors. The positive impact of these encounters on the city and the metropolitan area was underscored.

Effective collaboration between Cotuco, the State Tourism Secretariat, the Public Trust for the Touristic Promotion of Baja California (FiturBC), and other public and private institutions was pivotal for the success achieved. This partnership facilitated the hosting of 55 congresses, resulting in 22,669 room nights and the aforementioned million-peso economic turnover.

It’s worth noting the 23% increase in the total number of events compared to 2019 and a 20% rise compared to 2022. These figures strongly evidence Tijuana’s advancement and consolidation as an emerging destination for meeting tourism, competing on par with recognized national and international destinations.

Despite being relatively new in the realm of meeting tourism, Tijuana has successfully established a robust presence. The city boasts an ideal infrastructure for hosting large-scale events, with over 4,500 available rooms across various hotels and specialized venues like Cecut, El Trompo, and the Baja California Center, providing suitable facilities for successful high-caliber congresses and conventions.

The city’s tourist appeal is undeniable. The gastronomic and tourist offerings provide a unique experience for attendees, enriched by the singular experience of a binational setting due to its proximity to the United States.

The event witnessed the notable presence of José de Jesús Quiñónez Ramírez, Baja California’s Deputy Secretary of Tourism, and Carlos Jaramillo Silva, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), who praised the committee’s hard work in positioning Tijuana in the meeting tourism landscape.

Recognition was given to meeting tourism ambassadors, and awards were presented to colleges and associations for their contributions to the organization of national events. Moreover, emphasis was placed on the continuous growth and potential of tourism in Tijuana.

Distinguished leaders from various organizations such as CANIRAC Tijuana-Tecate, the Northwest Hotel Association, and members of the Tourism and Conventions Committee attended this important event. All of them highlighted the importance of working together to continue strengthening Tijuana as the primary destination for meeting tourism in the region.

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