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Thrilling Paddle Tournament Unites Athletes and Fosters Camaraderie in Baja California


The paddle tournament held at the Palestra Mexicali Sports Club turned out to be an exciting event, as athletes from all over Baja California demonstrated their skills and sportsmanship in a highly competitive environment. The tournament not only highlighted notable talent but also fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship among the participants.

The Palestra Mexicali Sports Club provided the perfect setting for this exciting event. State-of-the-art facilities and well-maintained fields created an ideal environment for players to showcase their skills. The tournament was a testament to the club’s commitment to promoting sportsmanship and fostering a healthy competitive environment.

Regardless of the cold weather and a little rain, the tournament was held on time. Rafael Romero, President of the Baja California Paddle Federation, spoke about the success of this tournament and what it represents for the future of this sport for Baja California.

“We want this event to be the granite of much more area for Paddle in Baja California and for people to participate and get started in this sport,” said Romero.

Abigail Moreno Ritchie, a participant from Ensenada, said she is excited to come to the state of Mexicali.

“Everyone welcomed us very well and I am happy to be here,” she said.

Daniel Gutiérrez was one of those who made it to the semifinals and said that in addition to the competition, a great brotherhood has been created among the participants.

“It is a very intense sport, very fast-paced and very competitive. When you level up, people look for you and challenge you and that is what you are passionate about,” said Gutiérrez.

Paddle tennis, a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, has experienced notable growth in Baja California. With its origins in Mexico, the sport has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts and athletes alike. Paddle has gained popularity due to its accessibility since it can be played by people of all ages and levels. Its smaller court and simplified rules make learning easier for newcomers, fostering a feeling of inclusion.

The growth of this sport in Baja California can be attributed to the establishment of numerous paddle clubs and the organization of local tournaments, which have created a vibrant community of padel players in the region. As the sport continues to attract attention, it is expected to contribute even more to the overall sports culture in Baja California.

The tournament concluded with an awards ceremony, where the winners were recognized for their outstanding performances. Trophies and recognitions were awarded to the best athletes in each category:


Areli Gilbert and Abigail Moreno Ritchie


Alejandra Pérez and Paulette Hopkins


Rocío Ruiz and Natalia Novelo Ensenada

Tricia Oralia Zaizar and Marcela Miranda



Manuel Issac Oliver and Carlos Efen Oliver


  1. Ángel Egea and José Cisneros


Mario Rodolfo Mora and Mario Mora


Enrique Uribe and Leonardo Zárate.


Gilberto Pineda and Rudy Placencia


Esteban Santibáñez and Miguel Ángel Cuevas


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