By: Teodoro Rentería Arróyave

For several decades in our “Comments on Time”, we had argued that when the elector Mexican people were aware that their vote was not only used to select one or several candidates but to reward or punish politicians aspiring to elected positions, political parties and governments, the social gear would totally change.

In the prolegomena of this election, for many surprises, despite the analyses that several journalists were doing, especially in the sense of the maturity of the voters, we insisted that this substantial detail of the vote, which is to say that rewards and punishes it was going to be present over the election.

The unbelievers and the arrogant even mocked, also some comrades, as opposed to warning about this reality, were dedicated to continuing the campaign of hatred.

The absurdity was such that the more they attacked the now elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the more he went up in the polls.

It is worth affirming, although it is the subject of another article, which the polling agencies claimed, they did not fail, they told the truth and the polls proved them right.

On the so-called surveys of hate, of fear, it is to be noted that even its author or inventor, the Spanish Antonio Sola, better known as “the king of black propaganda or dirty war”, with the victory of Andrés Manuel, He declared, shamelessly, that they no longer work. Once again the maturity of the electors prevails and they have imposed themselves above all.

We say this because that dirty war that created the phrase “AMLO is a danger for Mexico”, half served Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa to enthrone himself in power, since we have always maintained that he came to power through a shameless fraud, the same phrase that says “it is what it is”, gives us reason. Besides from fraudulent, shameless.

López Obrador swept across the country, he won all states except Guanajuato; his Movement will have an almost qualified majority in both houses of the Congress of the Union and a great majority in those of the states. In short, it has been proven that the vote rewards or punishes.

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