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The Secretary of Health Asks Not to Relax Protective Measures, COVID-19 Remains Active


The Baja California Health Secretary asked the population not to relax personal protection measures, because Covid-19 remains active, high mobility in bars was seen last weekend, as the virus continues to spread. 

This was reported by the Secretary of Health, Alonso Óscar Pérez Rico, who reported that the agency began with verifications in bars, which resulted in the suspension of three establishments on Avenida Revolución de Tijuana for not complying with the corresponding health and safety protocol.

Regarding the indicator of the effective reproduction rate of the virus, Dr. Pérez Rico, specified that it continues to increase, particularly in Tijuana, Rosarito, and San Quintín; and that also above one is Tecate.

He explained that this metric must be below one, if it is higher, the virus is replicating, “Tijuana, because it is a large municipality in population, can generate transmission chains,” he warned.

Pérez Rico reiterated that this Tuesday the mass vaccination begins in the city of Ensenada to apply 40 thousand doses and that he will also restart the plan in Mexicali.

Regarding the specific sites, he only announced that in the port the High-Performance Center will be as a point, but that the Ministry of Health will be informing and publishing the rest of the places this afternoon.

He mentioned that in Baja California 82,371 vaccines against Covid have been applied to older adults; of which 38,964 have been in the age range of 60-69 years old; 30,441 in 70-79 years and 12,966 in people 80 and over.

On the other hand, he said that on the Sisver platform, Baja California reported a case of death from Coronavirus within 24 hours and that in new cases 5 were registered.

Currently, the Covid hospital occupancy in Baja California is 10.4%, with 840 available beds, 246 available ventilators, 81 hospitalized patients (confirmed by a laboratory), 40 intubated, and an effective reproduction rate of 0.94.

Regarding the figures of people infected by COVID-19 in our entity, the SISVER (national) platform reports at the midnight cutoff of March 14, that 87 thousand 585 cases have been studied, of which 44 thousand 207 tested positive.

In Tijuana there are 16,139 patients;  16,623 in the city of Mexicali;  Ensenada 6,631;  Rosarito 989;  Tecate with 1,373;  in San Quintín / Vicente Guerrero 1,886 and San Felipe 566;  There are 35 thousand 675 recovered COVID-19 patients.

Regarding deaths from coronavirus, they report accumulated 7 thousand 582. Tijuana with 3,370, Mexicali 2,846; Ensenada 1,053;  Tecate 188;  Rosarito 28;  San Quintín / Vicente Guerrero with 88 and San Felipe 9 deaths.

Baja California decreased its active cases compared to the previous day, 350 in total, divided as follows: Mexicali: 117, Tijuana: 160, Ensenada: 29, San Quintín: 15, Playas de Rosarito: 17, Tecate: 7 and  Saint Philip: 5.

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