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The Mexican Consulate in San Diego will screen “MAIJA AWI”


The Government of the State of Baja California and the Ministry of Culture through the Institute of Culture of Baja California in a special collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego will screen “Maija Awi” within the Cineclub Mexico Cycle this Wednesday 6 and Thursday, January 7, from the digital platform https://diplomaciacultural.mx/canal/sandiego/maija_awi-2/.

It is a visual document, produced by the Baja California Ministry of Culture, which narrates a journey from the point of view of Maija Awi, the name of a mythical snake that gave knowledge and wisdom to the original peoples of the state, one of the founding myths of the Yumana culture and particularly of the Kumiai people.

It is in the context of the declaration of La Rumorosa as Cultural Heritage of Baja California, rocky geography in the middle of the Baja California desert between Tecate and Mexicali, that the documentary “Maija Awi” is made, recording its textures, colors, and spaces.

The audiovisual document is framed in the facilities of Campo Alaska, an INAH museum in La Rumorosa, with the participation of the Tijuana electronic musician and founding member of the Nortec Pepe Mogt Collective, the Tesoro Audiovisual team of filmmakers, the musical producer Ejival, Carlos Leyva in lighting and Ernesto Aello in visuals, to achieve this ethnographic and sound journey that amplifies the textures and colors of this emblematic site.

For more information on the activities of the Baja California Ministry of Culture, visit www.icbc.gob.mx or www.facebook.com/BC.SecretariaCultura.

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