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The Madrugadores Club in Mexicali has a new coordinator, Alfredo Vega


  • The agenda will be focused on promoting women’s participation.
  • The affiliation of citizens concerned with improving our society will be promoted.
  • The block will be consolidated with Madrugadores in Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate, Hermosillo, and Los Angeles, CA, with additional events to meetings, such as business forums.

Mexicali, BC. – In a ceremony held on Monday, February 6, Alfredo Vega took oath as the new coordinator of the Mexicali Madrugadores Club, as well as its new board of directors, including María Fernanda Rizo Villareal and Zaire Valadez Martínez in Social Affairs, Analilia Castilla Araujo in the Promotion and Affiliation Commission, Janet Peralta as vice coordinator, Cuauhtémoc Castilla in the legal affairs commission and Elia Flores as treasurer.

Alfredo Vega replaces Alejandro Sumano Moreno in the position of the Coordinator of Madrugadores Group – who is now in charge of the Honor and Justice Commission. Alfredo Vega returns to the group after 6 years of absence and with a very clear vision of what he wants to contribute to the group as its new leader. Its intention is mainly to promote the participation of women and young people, and to go beyond the Monday breakfasts, managing to establish a citizen agenda with participation forums.

“Madrugadores de Mexicali” is a friendly club of active people who are concerned about bringing their grand of sand to improve our society. I call on the conscience of citizens to participate and get involved in the issues of pollution, safety, environment and to join the causes that we will bring to the table in the group”, he commented.

Grupo Madrugadores is a network of professionals and businessmen in Mexico with principles and values ​​based on friendship, it is a group of analysis and constructive criticism, whose opinion transcends the improvement of the community, region, and country based on their love for the Homeland. In Mexicali, this group was founded in 1980 and its values ​​are still valid today.

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