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The Historic Plaza Calafia will Host the Summer Food and Beer Fest 2024


The iconic Plaza Calafia, known for its rich history in bullfighting events and wrestling shows, is preparing to host an unprecedented event. Next Saturday, June 8, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., this emblematic venue will be the stage for the much-anticipated Summer, Food, and Beer Fest Mexicali 2024, promising a unique experience for all attendees. The presale cost is 270 pesos, and an attendance of around 4,000 people from Mexicali, Southern California, and San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora is expected.

Inaugurated on November 16, 1975, Plaza Calafia has witnessed countless memorable moments. With a maximum capacity of 11,500 spectators, it has hosted everything from thrilling bullfights to vibrant concerts and sporting events. Now, almost 50 years after its founding, the plaza reinvents itself once again to offer a beer festival full of surprises.

The organizers have promised during a press conference held on June 5, a night full of excitement and discoveries. Attendees will be able to enjoy a wide variety of beers, both local and international, highlighting the rich beer offerings of the region and the world. Additionally, gastronomy will play a crucial role, with a selection of food that will perfectly complement the available beverages.

Live music will be another major attraction, with five themed stages offering a variety of musical genres for all tastes. From rock and pop to electronic and regional Mexican music, every corner of Plaza Calafia will vibrate with rhythms that will enliven the night.

One of the great novelties of the Summer Beer Fest will be a secret bar, whose location will only be revealed to the most adventurous. Additionally, an art gallery will surprise visitors with exhibitions that fuse creativity and beer culture. The entrepreneurs of Pericolectiver will also have their space, presenting innovative and artisanal products that reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of Mexicali.

This year’s event takes on special significance as the 50th anniversary of Plaza Calafia approaches in 2025. This celebration not only highlights the historical importance of the venue but also underscores its ability to adapt and remain a cultural and social landmark in Mexicali. It was announced at the press conference that projects are being planned to celebrate Plaza Calafia and turn it into a tourist site.

The Chicali Brewers, a prominent collective in the Mexican craft beer industry, have been fundamental in uniting local brewers and elevating their craft to new heights. By fostering a collaborative rather than competitive environment, they have shared knowledge, resources, and best practices among their members, improving the quality and variety of their beers. This unity has positioned the Chicali Brewers, and by extension, the Mexican craft beer industry, as a beacon of excellence both nationally and internationally.

Beyond commercial advantages, the Chicali Brewers have cultivated a sense of brotherhood and mutual support that transcends mercantile interests. This camaraderie has manifested in joint events, collaborative brews, and community outreach programs, strengthening ties within the industry and with the broader community. This beer fest is an example of their teamwork and vision to give Mexicali residents a new option in entertainment. 


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