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The Happiness Formula

By: Marco Vinicio Blanco

How desperate as parents we are to see the security crisis that our society is living!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to explain to our children what the newspaper reports every day, why so many policemen and yellow tapes in photos, in television news. How do we explain to our children the meaning of the words “corruption”, “impunity”, “murder”, “revenge”, “hatred”, which make daily television news and the front pages of newspapers?

It is evident the difficulty that exists in the small ones to understand this type of actions, of feelings, of personal decisions that seek to harm another person. In their world – which should be everyone’s – coexistence, love, harmony, agreements and peace, are the most normal; for that reason it is complex and extremely abstract to them understanding how somebody can have an intention to cause damage to another person.

You are going to say that in practice it is impossible to maintain that innocence during a lifetime, that circumstances, perverse people, bad habits and bad governments, take us citizens little by little to commit “small sins” that allow us to subsist.

We parked in second and third row, leave the car on the sidewalk, we steal water, we pass red lights, steal a candy from the market, use illegal cars, change the labels of clothes to pay less … “what would happen?, nobody Is watching us “.

We forget that they are watching us, the most important thing that we have, which is our family. Let’s just think for a moment what we will inherit our children when life says goodbye. At a funeral, people don’t talk about the properties and wealth this or that person left, the business he did and the skills he had to deceive people at his convenience (except for cases of some politicians who have won it ). One speaks of the way that person was, of the inheritance that he left with his example, his way of treating others, his intelligence and wisdom, as well as his compassion for his neighbor.

Unless you want your funeral to say “he was unhappy, rude and arrogant, but no way, that’s how we had to love him”, we must think very well that every single of our actions is educating the little ones who sit in the rear seat of the car: our children.

And even if you tell them that it is bad to steal, to cheat, to hurt and curse, if they see you do it, besides teaching you the above, your actions tells them that lying to your loved ones is the right thing to do.

So if you practice this type of actions in a conventional way, it should not be surprising that your children soon practice the same in their school, with their friends, and that soon a police officer knocks on your door to warn you that your son got into trouble or something worse.

From this crisis, we must as society take the best, which is learning that prevention starts from home, as a family, then as a community and then as a city, to continue with our federative entity and then the whole nation.

I am sure that the inhabitants of this beautiful border region, as well as the ones who experienced the crisis of 2009, will learn and will go ahead with a valuable learning that must adjust to those who work from our institutions to obtain an ever better place to live.

I take the opportunity to invite you every Friday at 8 pm to watch the program La Tertulia in my PoderMX Facebook page, where your server and prestigious journalists of the locality will analyze this and other topics of your interest in the region.

* Marco Vinicio is a Mexican journalist with 21 years of experience, director of PoderMX and head of the radio news program Primera Voz of ABC Radio.

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