By: Teodoro Rentería Arróyave, Journalist and Writer.

The current issue is undoubtedly the so-called “artificial intelligence”, a designation that causes all kinds of concerns and contradictions since until now no one agrees. We, for our part, are going to enter the debate with something new, by asserting that “artificial intelligence” does not exist, it is a simple marketing ploy to sell new cybernetic products to the entire world.

It is necessary to place ourselves in the history of humanity, therefore, we must travel to the Industrial Revolution of the late nineteenth century, which was blamed at the time for ending millions of jobs to the detriment of the working masses and the world would enter a time of catastrophe never before suffered. 

Undoubtedly, there were millions of unemployed and many social problems. As time adapted to this new technology, everything was regulated for the improvement of all society.

To enter the subject, we must first ask ourselves: What is artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), AI?

In simple terms, experts tell us, artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can interactively improve on the information they collect.

AI manifests itself in various forms. Some examples are Chatbots that use AI to understand customer issues faster and provide more efficient responses; intelligent assistants that use AI to analyze critical information from large free-text data sets to improve programming; recommendation engines that may provide automated recommendations for TV shows based on users’ viewing habits.

AI is much more about superpowered thought processes and ability and data analysis than it is about any particular format or function. Although AI shows pictures of high-functioning, human-like robots taking over the world, AI is not meant to replace humans. Its goal is to significantly enhance human capabilities and contributions. That makes it a very valuable business asset.

In effect, developers are using artificial intelligence to more efficiently perform tasks that would otherwise be performed manually: customer communications, pattern identification, and troubleshooting.

The fundamental principle of AI is to replicate, and then surpass, the way humans perceive and react to the world. It is fast becoming the cornerstone of innovation.

That’s right, but everything will be ordered by human intelligence, the experts affirm it over and over again: “AI is not intended to replace humans.” In one way or another, the one who orders the robots and the false “Artificial Intelligence” is the human being and his brain, until now and always unsurpassed. Let us not be overwhelmed, endlessly the king of creation is the HUMAN BEING: WOMAN AND MAN.

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