By: Javier Sánchez Valenzuela “El Cerveciáfilo”.

The independent craft beer industry in Mexico is still strong and growing, there is no doubt about that. This incipient economic activity is clearly among the fastest growing in the different regions of the country. For some years now, craft beer festivals and exhibitions began to appear everywhere: Baja California, Jalisco, Mexico City, Querétaro, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Tampico, Sonora, and many other states that sought to connect artisan brewers with markets eager to learn about this new offer.

For more than 10 years, the Expo Cerveza México event, organized by TRADEX Exposiciones, has invited independent producers to show their beer proposals in Mexico City at the World Trade Center facilities and this has not stopped growing year after year. To witness this event is to get involved in the wide universe of craft brewing from practically every corner of this country (Mexico).

This 2022 they decided to expand the challenge and on May 13 and 14 they took by storm one of the great centers of consumption: Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco where – according to the Institute of Statistical and Geographic Information of Jalisco (IIEG) – beer is the most consumed recreational beverage in the State with more than 2,100 sale points, representing 77.3% of quarterly spending on alcoholic beverages in more than 120 thousand households. All of this was evident through the great response received by this event in which more than 300 proposals made by more than 70 craft brands were presented to the attendees.

“At Cerveza México Guadalajara our visitors have the opportunity to chat directly with suppliers, do business with them and live a pleasant experience around the culture of craft beer,” said Ana Rosa Corral, General Manager of Cerveza México.

Among the testimonies collected from some attendees, we heard “…we did not imagine that this existed, craft beer is a totally new and unknown world for many. It’s great that I came!”, “Being here is spending time with friendly people who enjoy sharing their favorite drink”, “…I’ll be back next year for sure and I’ll bring all my friends.” … and so everywhere the good surprise comments were repeated during the two days of the expo.

Marcos Gottfried, Vice President of TRADEX Expositions, led the opening ceremony of Cerveza México Guadalajara, in the company of Ana Rosa Corral del Rello, General Manager of Cerveza México; Alfredo Acevedes Fernández, General Coordinator of Economic Development of Guadalajara; Cristina Barba, General Director of ACERMEX; Pedro de Lara, President of ACERMEX; Federico Díaz González, President of the Expo Guadalajara Technical Committee; Juan Gabriel Tamez, General Director of Expo Guadalajara; Manuel Nava Zamora Deputy Exhibition Manager and Daniel Lozano Rizo, Expo Guadalajara Exhibition Executive.

Thanks to the support of these types of events that are increasingly popular in the country, Mexican craft beer will continue to strengthen its presence among the different regional markets, and in a short time -I am sure- it will reach a privileged place among the export products that will continue to position Mexico, our country, among the best in the world in this industry.

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