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The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. Do you have yours for 2020?


2020 is around the corner and I’m sure you’re excited about it, but how to make this year different and better than last year? By setting a plan!

I’m sure that you had many things written down on your last year’s resolutions list, but many of those things could not be accomplished, why? Simply because you lacked a good plan of action to make all your plans come true.

But, when it comes to setting smart goals, most of us have the best intentions. You’re finally going to take control of your money, of your personal life and make your dreams a reality. Some of those dreams might be: getting fit, starting a new job, business, hobby, change your habits, getting back to school, finding your better half, etc.

But here’s the thing. Most of us won’t actually do any of that. Setting goals for yourself is absolutely the right thing to do, but just having good intentions alone changes nothing. You can make resolutions all you want—but a resolution without a plan is just wishful thinking. So, how can you stick with your goals throughout the year?

Write down your goals in a piece of paper and back it up on your computer. Try to keep in a safe place where you can get back to it any time you need to check your progress.

Make realistic goals.

Writing down realistic goals gives you direction. They make it easy to see if you’re getting closer to your target or still treading water. There are five building blocks that will help you reach your realistic goals:

  1. Believe in the process

The first step to goal setting is having absolute faith and belief in the process. If you don’t have the confidence in yourself and your abilities, then you might as well forget about your attempt to achieve your goals.

  1. Write it down

In order to eventuate the goal, you have to plan your attack. Write your goals down and schedule dates for their completion and evaluation.

  1. Set goals that are specific

A goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished if it deals with specific facts and events.

  1. Set goals that are measurable

If your goals are able to adhere to concrete criteria, you are able to measure progress towards their achievement.

  1. Set goals that are attainable

While there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, it is important to investigate whether the goal is really applicable to you and your lifestyle. If you don’t have the time, money or experience to achieve something, you will be setting yourself up to fail and most certainly be miserable.

What do you want to accomplish this 2020? They’re a popular saying that says “Everything’s possible if you believe”, but I shall add that everything possible if you believe and if you follow and steps and actions require to achieve your dreams and goals. Try to be realistic and measure your process. Watch for any roadblocks that could keep you from reaching your goal, and make a plan to get around them.

You can do it!

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