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The City of Brawley

By: Katie Beth Luna, Brawley Chamber of Commerce Director

Brawley, the crown jewel of Imperial Valley, is the gateway to adventure, agriculture, and tourism. Positioned perfectly near monumental tourism sights, located a short drive to large retail shops, and home to the Cattle Call Rodeo. October through May tourist spots like Salvation Mountain, Glamis San Dunes and Salton Sea Recreational play host to over 50,000+ travel enthusiasts. Throughout the year we see thousands of people travel through Brawley to reach their tourist destination, many stopping in town to do their shopping, dining, and resting.

Each November, the City of Brawley is abuzz with activity surrounding the tradition of the Cattle Call Rodeo. Hosted by the Cattle Call Rodeo Committee, the rodeo offers good old fashioned competition and entertainment for the whole family. In the week leading up to the Rodeo, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce welcomes community members and travelers from all over by hosting a week of activities including Chili Cook-off, Mariachi Night, and a Parade. In 2017, crowds reached upwards of 40,000 people in Brawley during the week leading up to the Rodeo. During this season, businesses see an upswing in customers and sales sky-rocket.

Brawley is the heart of large industry sectors in Imperial County including medical and agricultural. The City has served as a long-time home of Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo and Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District. Both entities are leading employers in Imperial County with over a thousand jobs created combined. The 2016 Crop and Livestock report states the value of agricultural business in the county totals over 2 billion dollars, and Brawley leads the way.

The Brawley Chamber of Commerce is here to serve the needs of the business community. Our mission is to promoted and champion business growth and economic vitality in our community. We value creating a strong local economy, promoting the community, providing networking opportunities, and representing the interest of business with government and political action.

If you want to know more about Brawley or the Chamber of Commerce, please come see us or give us a call. We are welcoming to all.

Brawley Chamber of Commerce

204 S. Imperial Ave

Brawley, CA 92227


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