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The benefits of public power

As more than 2,000 electric utilities across the United States, the Imperial Irrigation District is a community-owned, not-for-profit public power utility and takes pride in its autonomy and mission to provide reliable and low-cost electricity to all customers.

“We are proud to be community-powered,” said Henry Martinez, IID general manager. “Public power puts the people of the communities it serves first.”

IID’s service, “is reliable and safe, and we take pride in serving our friends and neighbors,” he added.

The district has proudly served the Imperial Valley and the eastern Coachella Valley for more than 75 years.

Every October the district joins public power utilities across the nation to celebrate the benefits of public power, emphasizing the advantages of locally grown, reliable, safe and locally owned electric energy, which include:

  • Low rates: IID’s not-for-profit status helps keep rates among the lowest in Southern California. In fact, IID customers pay about half of what neighboring private utility customers pay for the same amount of electricity.
  • Reliability: In a nutshell, IID’s track record for reliability is better than surrounding utilities. This means that power can be relied upon when you need it. IID is dedicated to improving grid performance and resiliency for the benefit of its customers.
  • Customer responsiveness: Customers—not profits—are the priority during power outages, emergencies and any time customers need assistance with energy service or billing.
  • Community focus: IID is a community-owned utility operated for the benefit of the people it was created to serve. IID’s policies and programs are founded on the model of public service and customer benefit.
  • Economic development: IID collaborates with local economic development partners to attract and retain jobs in the region. Key are IID’s energy reliability and competitive energy rates that help businesses thrive.
  • Local control: Decisions are made locally in open meetings, giving all customers a voice in shaping policies, programs, and services that align with the priorities of the community. The district’s board of directors is also elected by, and accountable, to the public.
  • IID serves 156,000 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural electric meters, representing about 450,000 residents across the district’s service area.

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