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The Association of Private Schools in Mexicali Elects a New President


Private schools are known for the high standards they set and engage students and spark the desire to learn. 

Teachers expect excellence from students, and students tend to live up to those expectations. The high expectations and academic rigor help account for above-average levels of student success, including higher college-going rates.

Private schools benefit students by fostering academic excellence and high achievement, educating the whole child within a values-based setting, and preparing youngsters for success in life. Mexicali has a strong association of private schools that work together to the benefit of their students. 

Adrian Ptacnik took the oath of office as president of the Association of Private Schools of Mexicali for the 2022-2024 cycle and said that another of the main challenges is to recover in-person learning in all private schools. 

“Education is one of the main pillars of society and those of us that live on the border know how competitive it can be. We have the obligation as private schools to make our academic curriculum stronger so we can have professionals that are committed to our city,” Ptacnik Maese said, “We know how ambitious California is and Mexico can’t be left behind and I’m sure that with the talent and tool we can reach that level.” 

The Association of Private Schools of Mexicali was founded in 2015. 

240 private schools are operating in Mexicali, ranging from preschool to university, serving a population of 23,000 students.

“Private schools offer a differentiated education with a service that will give you an extra. We follow the same academic programs as the basic levels but always give something extra. The best school is the project that each family has for their children and that can be found in our affiliated schools,” Ptacnik concluded. 

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