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The 1st Edition of the Summer Food & Beer Fest at Plaza Calafia Was Celebrated with Great Enthusiasm


On the evening of Saturday, June 8, the iconic Plaza Calafia in Mexicali opened its doors promptly at 7:00 p.m., just as the sun began to lose its intensity on a hot and sunny day. This inaugural event of the Summer Food & Beer Fest, organized by the Mexicali Brewers Association and the City Council, along with some allied local businesses, was part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Plaza Calafia. The celebration exceeded expectations and offered pleasant surprises to all attendees.

The first edition of the Summer Food & Beer Fest stood out for its rich and varied gastronomic offerings that delighted the most discerning palates. Additionally, the festival featured five musical stages, each offering different styles including DJ, banda, mariachi, techno, and Spanish rock. These stages showcased talented local artists who created a perfect atmosphere for tasting a wide variety of craft beers offered by the Mexicali Brewers Association, also known as the “Chicali Brewers.”

One of the festival’s highlights was an exhibition of local entrepreneurs who offered high-quality artisanal products. There was also an art exhibition showcasing the talent of regional artists, further enriching the cultural experience of the event.

The venue, designed to provide an unforgettable experience, included attractive corners such as the “Secret Bar,” sponsored by Pizzonona, offering various drink options prepared by talented mixologists. Additionally, there was a VIP area, accessible for an additional cost, for those who purchased presale tickets and sought a more exclusive and comfortable experience.

In a brief interview, Kenia Vidal, president of the Chicali Brewers, expressed her satisfaction with the event. She commented that the festival’s objective was to offer a fun space at an affordable price, allowing the people of Mexicali to enjoy their city and learn more about the historic Plaza Calafia, which celebrates its half-century of existence. “These types of events are crucial to revitalize our community and foster local pride,” she added.

As the sun set, Plaza Calafia filled with enthusiastic attendees who enjoyed an evening of fun, good beer, and excellent music. The vibrant atmosphere and impeccable organization made the Summer Food & Beer Fest a resounding success, generating positive expectations for future editions.

The Summer Food and Beer Fest not only served as a celebration of Plaza Calafia’s 50th anniversary but also established itself as a prominent event on Mexicali’s cultural agenda. The excellent public reception, the quality of the musical performances, and the gastronomic and beer offerings have set a high standard for future festivals. This event has proven to be an effective platform for promoting local culture and regional talent while offering a unique entertainment experience for the cachanilla community and the border region.

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