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Teleton 2023 Fundraising Activities Kick Off


On Monday, September 11, the annual fundraising campaign for Teleton 2023 began, marked by the participation of over 80,000 volunteers spanning the entire country.

Teleton’s fundraising initiative provides a unique opportunity for all Mexicans to come together in support of children facing disabilities, cancer, and autism in Mexico.

For those who might not have coins on hand, there’s no need to fret. This year, volunteers are equipped with personalized badges featuring QR codes to facilitate donations. Moreover, additional volunteers can partake by creating their own digital piggy banks through the website www.alcanciadigitalteleton.mx. Fundraising here is straightforward and secure; all you need to do is share the donation link with friends and family, enabling them to contribute. You can also conveniently request your tax-deductible receipt through the same platform.

In addition, the public is encouraged to join the cause through social networks. On Facebook, you can follow @BoteoTeletonOficial, and on Instagram, @BoteoTeleton, to access vital information about the campaign and explore the diverse ways in which society is participating. The Teleton 2023 campaign will conclude on Saturday, December 16, with the traditional Teleton Event, hosted at Parque Bicentenario in Mexico City.

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