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Technology Trends, Key for Entrepreneurship


The new trends in technology are changing the way we live: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Drones, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing; Therefore, we need to know where they are headed and their evolution. This offers an opportunity to develop business models and take advantage in the market.

This was discussed by Dr. Alex de Noble during his participation as CETYS distinguished professor in the conference titled: “The Importance of Entrepreneurship Education in your Future” which took place at the Paccar Auditorium in Mexicali where dozens participated and showed interest in studying the MBA in Entrepreneurship offered by CETYS Universidad.
During his talk, Dr. Alex De Noble mentioned that everyone can develop an entrepreneurial mind, which without a doubt has its advantages and opportunities in established organizations as well as in startups.

“Whether your field is medicine, art, engineering or even music, studying an MBA in Entrepreneurship will help you develop competencies and skills which can be applied in any area you wish to undertake. The advantage of studying here at CETYS, are our international professors who come from diverse universities from all over the world and as a result, our students have a multicultural and international experience.” said Dr. Alex de Noble.

For further information about our Postgraduate Programs in CETYS, visit our page www.posgrado.cetys.mx, or send us an e-mail to jesus.ramos@cetys.mx or call us at (686) 5673700  ext.1035

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