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SWYTCH: Intelligent Solutions launching in Mexicali

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

Given the trend of innovations in homes that are occurring in Mexicali, with a growing real estate development, SWYTCH intelligent solutions offer an interesting mode of security, environment and entertainment control, all in a single device.

Juan González, representative of this new company, presented before just over 30 people, who gathered at Punta Este Corporativo, to witness the presentation of Control 4, an integral device that revolutionizes the safety and comfort of homes.

Among its functionalities, it highlights its versatility to be able to operate light switches, including a LED light intensity control, and a set of predetermined states, for when only a few lights are required, depending on the time of day, and the activity you do at night, whether you’re working at your desk, or enjoying a barbecue in your garden.

It also has a security system that can be linked to your alarm or sensor equipment installed, to manage your doors, locks, and windows to be able to close all at the same time with a single button.

Regarding home entertainment, the application allows you to link your Netflix, YouTube, Spotify accounts, among others, in order to play all the music or videos you want, connecting directly with the speakers or sound equipment you have, changing completely the concept of Home Theater.

Swytch, hand in hand with Control 4, it intends to position itself mainly in gated communities, houses, departments, and offices of Mexicali, that require this innovative service, adjusting to the clients’ needs, and having the conviction of providing a tool that improves coexistence within each space.

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