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Sunrise or sunset at the dunes, which one would be your favorite to practice Sandboarding?

By: Andrea González Acevedo, Public Relations in VisitMexicali.org

If you are one of the people who are looking for something different to do in the cities you visit, the city of Mexicali will fascinate you with the number of experiences it has prepared for you.

Start 2022 enjoying outdoor activities, that is why we are talking about the sport that has gained popularity in recent years, sandboarding; an activity that can be enjoyed with family, friends, or as a couple.

In addition to admiring nature, the sport of sandboarding allows you to drop, slide, and, in a certain way, surf among the mountains of sand, some of which are more than 40 meters high, hence its name. Sandboarding is quite a show, it can be done by children, adults, professionals or adventurers, to do it, it is necessary to climb the mountain of sand walking with a board very similar to those used for snow; it has a secret, you have to add a special wax on the bottom to help you slide.

If these are your first slips, you can even do it sitting down. One of the advantages of practicing this sport is that you can adapt it to your level, and see how you improve with each experience. The recommendation is that you wear comfortable and/or sports clothing, in the city there are agencies that help make your experience complete, from renting boards to classes. Everything, so that your first launches are as fun and safe as possible. Of course, look for guides who are certified by the Secretary of Tourism.

If you are not one of those people who like sandboarding, you can do it with buggies or ATVs, with the same natural ramps that the place offers, they offer you adrenaline and a unique experience.

Therefore, there are various ways to enjoy the landscape, you can do it at dawn, the view gives you the first rays of sun where you recharge your energy and enjoy the rich morning weather, or do it in the afternoon to enjoy a beautiful sunset. the sun like the one that Mexicali has made us get used to.

The perfect setting is found at the exit of Mexicali, along the road that goes to the town of Los Algodones for approximately 55 km, at the edge of the road you will reach the well-known Dunas de Cuervitos. This destination is home to various national and international tournaments.

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