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Student mural project to be unveiled in Yuma


Yuma’s vibrant art scene is about to receive a new addition as the City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Department’s Arts and Culture Division prepares to unveil an exciting mural project. Created in collaboration with Arizona@Work, the captivating artwork titled “Welcome to Carver Park” will be officially revealed to the public on Tuesday, July 25, at 8 a.m. The unveiling ceremony will take place at Carver Park, located at 5th Street and 13th Avenue, and all are welcome to attend this remarkable event.

This summer’s mural project continues a long-standing tradition, with approximately 28 murals enriching Yuma’s landscape over the past 26 years. What makes this initiative particularly remarkable is that most of the participating students had little or no prior experience with art. The five-week program begins with an intensive “art boot camp” that spans two weeks, during which students receive thorough training in fundamental art techniques, ranging from color theory to shading. The ensuing weeks of the program are dedicated to the collaborative creation of the mural.

Under the skillful guidance of instructor Albert Escalante and assistant instructor Angel Lander, this year’s mural project boasts the talents of several exceptional students, including Andres N. Miranda, Francisco A. Ortiz Meza, Luis A. Contreras, Raymond Nunez, Leeza V. Jones, Anthony M. Zarco, Senoya D. Harvier, Elias E. Espinoza, and Alexis E. Ortiz Beltran.

“This enduring partnership has yielded countless benefits for our students,” remarked Arts and Culture Program Manager, Ana Padilla. “Throughout the program, they not only gain valuable artistic skills but also develop essential life skills such as time management, public speaking, and a strong sense of community spirit by giving back through their artistic talents and contributing to this stunning mural.”

As Yuma’s artistic landscape continues to flourish, this mural project serves as a testament to the power of art education and community collaboration, highlighting the tremendous impact that creativity and dedication can have on enriching the cultural fabric of a city.

The City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Department’s Arts and Culture Division will officially unveil a new mural created by students in partnership with Arizona@Work.

The unveiling of this summer’s project, titled “Welcome to Carver Park,” will take place 8 a.m. Tuesday, July 25 at Carver Park, 5th Street and 13th Avenue. The brief ceremony is open to the public and free to attend.

The summer mural program has produced approximately 28 murals across Yuma over 26 years. Most participants have little or no experience with art prior to joining. The five-week program begins with two weeks of “art boot camp,” where students learn intensive art foundation techniques, from color theory to shading. They then spend the remainder of the program creating a mural.

Under the direction of instructor Albert Escalante and assistant instructor Angel Lander, students participating in this year’s mural include:

Andres N. Miranda.

Francisco A. Ortiz Meza.

Luis A. Contreras.

Raymond Nunez

Leeza V. Jones.

Anthony M. Zarco.

Senoya D. Harvier.

Elias E. Espinoza.

Alexis E. Ortiz Beltran.

“This partnership has been going on for many years, and we can still see how the students benefit from it,” said Arts and Culture Program Manager Ana Padilla. “Students learn valuable life skills from time management, public speaking, art basics and the importance of giving back to the community, in this case with their talents and a great mural.”

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