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Southwest High School employee confirmed as one of new COVID-19 patients


Central Union High School District informed the public that one of their employees is one of the people that was diagnosed with COVID-19

Central Union High School District was informed on March 21s that a staff member at Southwest High School tested positive for COVID-19.  This employee, who is not a classroom teacher and has only limited interaction with students, last worked on Thursday, March 19.  This employee first experienced symptoms on Friday, March 20, and did not report to work that day, the district said in a press release.

“This staff member is at home recovering and is in isolation as per CDC and local Imperial County Public Health Department guidelines.  Federal health privacy law prohibits CUHSD from releasing more information about this employee.  Central Union High School District is in full cooperation with the ICPHD staff and in fulfilling workplace requirements.” The district informed.

The school district said they are vigilant about working with county public health department officials to investigate all reported and suspected cases of COVID-19.

“As a result of more testing, public health officials expect to see more results that are positive for COVID-19. We will do our best to continue to report any staff related results to the public as we are trying to be as transparent as possible during these uncertain times.” The district added.

To slow the potential spread of the virus, CUHSD is following these procedures: schools and offices are closed; are practicing social distancing; gatherings of any size are strongly discouraged; and, we are following the Governor’s Stay at Home Order issued on Thursday, March 21.

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