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Silent People

Marco Vinicio (1)

Author: Marco Vinicio Blanco, Journalist


I have been asked what the fate of civil resistance efforts will now have with the cruel blow – almost mortal – that was given to us from the core of the economy to those who live by the border. The cloud of uncertainty is above all, even, I dare say, above the same that pushed this new crisis.

Without being an economist or sociologist I venture to say that not a few will try to bring water to their mill before the legitimate movement that people are undertaking after organizing through social networks. At a local level, on the other hand, an example has been the community of Mexicali Book, whose members left a few days ago to “take” symbolically a gas station. Upon knowing about the news, many more joined, physically or morally from their profiles, sharing and posting comments.

This is just the beginning. There is an increase in the consumption of electric energy and with it a tremendous spiral in the price of things. As a parenthesis, I am very grateful that supermarkets always warn that prices continue to drop impressively, when re-labeling is so intense on the rise. The department stores open only three cash registers so that rows are large and outside parking lots are seen in a certain way packed. Faces of those in line do not need to be asked what it feels like to get less and less with our money.

It is also just the beginning of mobilizations. But be careful! We must know how to differentiate between those who are called to protest and those who are called to do nothing. There are those who, dear reader, want us to stay at home, supposed to be in protest, but this benefits no one but those who enjoy seeing a loose and conformist society.

Where are the social leaders who have lived for so long from the grimaces of public resource? Where are the unions? Where are our popular representatives? Are they wearing tennis-shoes?

Where are the artists? Some songs will be good for the time and plastic works that reflect what the people are living. Do they prefer photographing sunrises while the night falls upon us?

Maybe it’s time to take out the guitar and break the silence of the pop ballad. Or is it that rock is something of the eighties? As young people say: “baia baia …”

We have to commit ourselves and not only with our thumbs. Silent people are dominated people and in my perspective, the history of Mexico has many reasons to be great.

Thank you very much for your messages and comments on my Twitter.

* General Director of PoderMX.com

(Mexicali journalist with 21 years of experience)


                                                                  Photo by: Yerson Martinez, journalist.

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