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Signing of Sister City Reaffirmation Agreement


By: Mario Conde

Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez and members of his City Council visited Calexico to reaffirm their sister cities relationship. This was a follow up ceremony from last month when Calexico Mayor Armando Real went to Mexicali to sign the reaffirmation of friendship with its sister city.

Both cities vowed to work in economic development, public safety, environment, culture and other issues. Calexico and Mexicali signed their first sister cities agreement in the 1980s.

Mayor Sanchez thanked Calexico Mayor Armando Real for receiving him and said that both cities should have better communication between each other. Sanchez Marquez stated that there should be more emphasis in public safety and the fire and police departments of both cities should meet regularly since they have issues that affect each other. Both Mayors also agreed to work in joint economic development efforts.

Calexico Mayor Armando Real stated that Calexico and Mexicali are one city with close family ties. Mayor Real stated that even when governments try to build walls, Calexico and Mexicali are not paralyzed and together are sending a message that both countries can work together.

“Let’s not allow this signature stay dormant like the one made twenty years ago. Let’s do truly work together for the benefit of our cities.” Mayor Real stated.

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