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Senior Citizens Have a Safe Place to Shop Thanks to Supermarkets


Target, Whole Foods, Walmart and Dollar General, began dedicating early morning shopping times for senior citizens.

The theory is that allowing seniors to shop among smaller crowds could reduce their chances of acquiring the virus and give them first crack at buying hand sanitizer and other products that have been hard to find because of panic shopping.

Please contact your local grocery store to see their schedule.

In the last two weeks as the fear for COVID-19 and the number of cases increased, many people went shop panicking running to stores and taking everything.

That would leave the senior citizens without food and the essential necessities. As the most vulnerable community, seniors will be left with nothing thanks to irresponsible people that only think about themselves.

Thankfully, these stores made accommodations to open early for senior residents to go shop early and buy the things they need. They don’t have to make long lines or fear that they won’t find the things they need.

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